Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Maybe Nobody Explained it to Him

I'm not entirely sure the President understands the responsibilities of his job.  Or is aware of them, for that matter.  Clicky:

Shorter version: blame congress, I don't know anything let me get back to you.  Syria probably crossed that red line (ed- bluff called?) I drew which means we maybe need to re-evaluate our position.  Also, 'airports' now added to "roads and bridges" panacea.

Still, at least he found time to talk about a gay athlete nobody really heard or cared about coming out of the closet.  Because social issues are important when the Big Cheese refuses to insure the future of this country in any fiscal or security sense.

Posting has been sparse around here.  The management apologizes profusely, and would like to point out that babies have various fluids coming out of at least one orifice at any given moment.  The remedy of which needs proper, timely attention.

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