Wednesday, August 28, 2013

50 Years Ago

Freedom and equality for all.  Unity.  Hard work.  Personal responsibility and making the right decisions.

Transcendent stuff.

Honestly, I think MLK would be proud of the gains blacks have made these past 50 years.  I think he would be proud of Obama, to a certain degree.  Hell, I think he would have voted for him, if not for the reason that McCain was such a lousy candidate.

But I also think he would be a little sad.  The race pimps have the loudest voice these days, and people like Thomas Sowell, Dr. Ben Carson, etc. are marginalized for having the wrong value set.  I think he would be a little disappointed that his words are continually perverted as justification for a handout or special treatment; this is the exact opposite of what he was trying to say in the above video.

Still, I think he would be happy with the progress.  I believe he understood America, and knew the struggle would continue many decades after this speech.

One last thought-I cannot think of one speech delivered at such a perfect time and place with a flawless delivery.  Churchill, Kennedy, Reagan; FDR; they all have moments within their speeches that stand eternal.  From start to finish this speech stands above all.

Now tear down that awful statue and replace it with something fitting the stature of a great American.

Friday, August 9, 2013

It's Friday (updated)



"Despite President Obama’s claim this week that “there is no spying on Americans,” the evidence shows that such spying is greater than the public ever knew."*

*I love how the author doesn't even mention the President until late in the article.  Just sayin'

Another shot?  Another shot:

Obama approval at 44%.

People are starting to turn.

Which means that it's time for an "open" presser where Dear Leader will take unscripted questions from an unbiased media.

In short, nothing will be answered.  This is all a show before The One goes on a vacation that none of us could ever afford.

Benghazi will not be mentioned.  Last week is evidence that this topic is clearly off limits to those who still want to sit at the cool kids table.  Which is a shame;  three simple questions still need to be answered:

1) Where was the President?
2) Who ordered the stand down?
3) Who came up with the YouTube theory?

The IRS scandal will be touched, but only slightly.  Something akin to "how's the investigation going?" and the acolytes will all say "WE DID OUR JOB".

Foreign policy with Putin will be questioned.  The President will steam out half-truths and puff his chest.  But we all know what happened:  Jar Jar tried to bargain with Emperor Palpatine (ed-I stole this from someone on twitter I cannot remember who).

Softball questions will be lobbed.  The softballs will have "Republican" written on them.  Probably about immigration.

Filner, Weiner will not be touched (ed-GIGGITY).

UPDATE: the presser apparently will only cover US/Russian relations.  Or something.  Still wishing someone would grow a pair and ask a real question.  Still sticking with my "softball" prediction, because you know it's mandatory to roll out Emmanuel Goldstein.

Anyhoo, will be looking for a house down in NoVa this weekend.  Pickings are slim-found the perfect house yesterday and it was already under contract.  It was on the market for a whole 7 days.

Music:  Fugazi, "Waiting Room"