Thursday, October 31, 2013


Had this exchange on Twitter back on the 7th:

Today, we find out that enrollment for the first day was six.  Six.  Six people enrolled the first day.

This is beyond parody.

Six.  People.

This has to set a record for government incompetence.  What's your opinion on the rollout debacle, Vice President Joe Biden?

“We assumed that it was up and ready to run, but the good news is that although it’s not, and we apologize for that, we’re confident that by the end of November it will be and there will still be plenty of time for people to register to get online.”

...the f$%k? You ASSUMED? You and the President, the top of our government, regarding legislation that would define the regime and reorganize 1/5 of the greatest economy the world has ever seen just sat back and thought everything was just peachy-keen?  Never checked up on it for 3.5 years?

You can bet your ass that if something is amiss in our President's fundraising schedule he would know within microseconds.

Oh, and does the whole "it'll be ready by the end of the month" promise just not resonate?

If this isn't the justification for smaller, less involved government I don't know what is.  These people are flatworms with incredible power.

Last week Double Standard Investments went 2-1, upping the record to 6-5-1 on the season.  Gonna ride that train (picks are in caps):

SAINTS (-6)  at Jets
TITANS (-3) at Rams
PACKERS (-11) vs Bears

I was very depressed to hear of the passing of Lou Reed this past weekend.  His music just means a great deal to me.  Two songs:

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Time Off

Heading down to Florida for the next week or so for my brother's wedding.  Also: fishing.

Last week Double Standard Investments went 1-2, bringing us to 4-4-1 on the year.  Gambloor sez that's not nearly good enough, especially after calling the Broncos FAIL.  Onto the picks (pick in caps):

GIANTS (+3) at Eagles: Management would like to remind everyone that house rule #1 is never, ever bet on your team, especially if that team is the Eagles.  But here we are.

Bills at SAINTS (-12.5): Large spread, but New Orleans has an underrated D and they are coming off the bye week.

SEAHAWKS (-10.5) at Rams: A run based offense that can pass when necessary against a horrible run defense.  Plus, Seattle's D is just frightening.


Alice in Chains, "Again".  Best song on the album.


Hope everyone has a splendid weekend, and GO. STATE. BEAT. BUCKEYES.

Thursday, October 17, 2013


The following are my final thoughts on the past few weeks:
  • Yes, the GOP lost the government shutdown battle.  To me, the worse part politically is that it gives jackasses like John McCain, Lindsey Graham, and Stephen King an excuse for a geriatric "I told you so".  
  • The worse part is not the MSM/WH/Reid gloating.  They hate (and I rarely use that word) anything outside their bubble.  They will never like us.  So I could care less what they think about our side.
  • Boehner and the rest of the GOP leadership play by an outdated rule set that works in polite society.  What I mean is this: look at every bill and public facet of the Democrat party for the past decade or so.  It is a superficial, nasty, nihilistic system where all that matters are headlines and not details (think "Idiocracy" and you get the point).  Boehner had any number of chances to take the gloves off.  He chose to take the high ground in hopes that people will notice.  The wrong people did, and saw it is a sign of weakness.  This is why we end up being called terrorists.  
  • Conversely, the above is the reason why I like Ted Cruz.  He will fight them at every level in relentless fashion.  This is also why the left is scared shitless of him.
  • @redsteeze agrees.
  • Like I have said on many occasions, this entire regime is based on appearances.  That's where they are weak.  Focus on things like the Obamacare rollout debacle and the pain caused to our Presidents beloved middle class.  We have another debt crisis coming in 90 days.  Start hammering them on getting a budget out.  Ask yourself this: do you think the President was more embarrassed when he shot 1-21 publicly, or when Putin went pimp hand strong over Syria?

And that's that.  Onto more important stuff...

Last weekend Double Standard Investments went 2-0-1, upping the record to 3-2-1 on the season.  Once more into the breach (picks are in caps):

PATS (+4) at Jets - Tom Brady owns.
BEARS (+1) at Redskins


Broncos at COLTS (+7) - Gut feeling.  Broncos letdown, or something.

Although I would love to take Dallas (+3) over my beloved Eagles, it is against company rules.  Also, the combined win total of teams beat by the Eagles is 1.



Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Million Vet March

Just a rough timeline of what I saw this past Sunday at the MVM.

0830: Arrived at National Mall.  Found a parking spot about 1/2 mile from the WW2 Memorial.  Noted that since I found a parking spot so close, that we probably were not going to hit the one million mark.  

0840: Snapped a pic upon arrival to Memorial:

0900: Took a quick walk around.  Ran into that guy who tried to mow the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial.  He and a friend had their gear ready.  Didn't take a pic.

0900-0930: Since the barricades had already been put aside, I took a walk around the memorial and ended up on the far side of the crowd pictured above.  At around 0930, a voice behind me exclaimed, "Holy shit it's Sarah Palin!".  I turned around and was literally face to face with her.  She smiled, and kept walking.  The only decent shot I took:

She's shorter in person.  Still a snappy dresser.  Delivered a nice speech.

Unfortunately, during her speech a plant went insane and started yelling "I'm a racist and I'm proud".  This happened about 10 feet from me.  Said plant was ejected immediately.

0930: Ted Cruz shows up, gives a speech after Palin and Sen Mike Lee (R-Utah):

Again, my camera was not at the ready and he walked just as close as Palin.  I was able to meet him and shake his hand after his speech.  Nice fella.  It was noted by Management that Cruz stayed around longer than any speaker just to talk to people.  

0930-1000: More speeches, crowd was definitely motivated.  Met some really nice Vietnam, Korean, and WW2 vets.  They actually thanked me for showing up!  Then the trucks came.  Here are some more photos:

1005: Had to leave to meet friends for brunch.  Walking back up Constitution Ave toward my car, I noticed that the truckers were blasting their horns as they went past the White House.  Neat.

1020-1100: Was driving toward Arlington when I saw that the protest had moved towards the Reflecting Pool.  As I passed the Lincoln Memorial I saw gates being torn down and protesters sprinting up the Lincoln Memorial steps with flags.  Turned my car around at Arlington Cemetery, and parked at the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  Here is what I saw:

Ran into a few park rangers at the end of the Wall.  They looked a little scared, but were very nice and courteous.

1100-1145:  Made my way up to the Lincoln Memorial.  Barricades were already tossed (would later be collected and deposited at White House).

I left shortly thereafter.

Other Notes/Ramblings:

  • Police in riot gear were present at the Lincoln.  I don't know what they were expecting, but bringing out the heavy stuff for 90 year old vets seemed excessive.  Otherwise, the fuzz was out in force but let people be.
  • A very nice gesture to put the pictures of the four that fell at Benghazi at the WW2 Memorial:
  • The counter protesters/plants are easy to spot.  They look like the people who are trying to fit in.  That's the best way I can describe it.
  • I saw a veteran on a segway at the top of the Lincoln Memorial stairs.  He had robot legs.  He later went on to do this.
  • I was a little concerned when the truckers shut down the street behind the WW2 Memorial.  This protest was about keeping things open, and not inconveniencing others.
  • The Vietnam Veterans Wall is still the most heartbreaking memorial I have ever been to.  It's a must see if you visit DC.
  • Multitudes of Asians with cameras were present.  They seemed a bit confused, but seemed grateful that the monuments were open.
  • It occurred to me while I was leaving that the left should have been present.  In all honesty, I can see why they chose not to show-the majority was pretty far to the right and there was a great deal of anti-Obama sentiment.  Still, if they had shown up for the veterans it would have been nice.
  • I put the numbers of the protest conservatively around 5k-7k.  Was tough to tell-people were coming and going from all directions covering the area from the WW2 Memorial to the Lincoln Memorial.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday Wrap-up

Last thoughts on the gov't shutdown:
The entire foundation for this shutdown is Obamacare.  The taxpayer spent over 600 million on the website for rollout that now stands equal in punchline to New Coke.  Peoples' rates are going up, and sometimes in hilarious schadenfreude-like fashion.

All championed by a man who once said "Don't call my bluff".

If the right gives in, the above is what they lost to.  And in the process, they will have further scattered their base and only enabled the likes of McCain, Graham, etc.

We here at Double Standard Industries have long been a fan of The Rolling Stones.  Enjoy:

I think I found my Halloween costume.

Double Standard Industries is off to a 1-2 start.  This is regrettable.  But walking away is quitting.

BALT (+3) vs. Packers
CAR (+2.5) at Minnesota
DET (-3) at Browns

Stay away from the Jax/Broncos.  That's pure pain right there.

Miscellaneous: Heading to DC Sunday morning for the Million Vet March.  Will take some photos to share with the class.  Also worth noting that a condition of my attendance was promising Mrs. Drozz that I will do nothing that will put me in a position to get arrested.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unintended Consequences

The sequester provided a great blue print on how our betters in the White House will act during this shutdown.  Namely, do the whole "doom and gloom" spiel before implementation, play the blame game, etc.  Then, when enacted see how things go.  If it polls unfavorably for the regime, start making the pain felt by all.

Childish, yes, but really would we expect anything else?

Enter the shutslowdown.  Same thing, but this time the elites have really ratcheted up the name calling and spitefulness.  Besides calling their political opposition anarchists, terrorists, Team O decided to mess with the veterans.  Not a good move.  Veterans used to be spit targets on the left; now they are roundly cherished by a great majority (except when counting absentee ballots).

Now here's a neat little plot twist: the sequester was just a reduction in funds.  Sure, the Royal Couple caught some flack for living their 1% lifestyle,and wasted millions of taxpayers' money so the could travel to fundraiser after fundraiser.  The Prez still golfed, gave speeches at 30k/plate dinners, and got his boots licked in proper fashion.

But now the government is supposedly shut down.  

This entire regime lives on appearances.  It's how they got elected.  So please cry me a river, Michelle, that you can't get out of the house for your lavish west coast tour.  She once said that living in the White House was like prison.  I pity her secret service detail if they run out of Thorozine.

Personally, I just imagine the Prez on these beautiful fall days clutching his pitching wedge, staring out the window, wondering how long it will be 'till those meanies let him go outside and play.  And be loved again.

Ending thought: the President took a massive beating over Syria.  He was humiliated.  Narcissists have poor reactions to humiliations.  Like taking their anger out on veterans.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Right's Messaging Problem

One of the biggest smears so far in this whole government shutdown is that the "partisan" Republicans are being blamed en masse for shutting down the government.  Completely false when one actually looks at the history of Congress for the past few weeks; it's actually the House Republicans who are trying to keep the Federal government open by passing a series of continuing resolutions to fund certain areas of the government.

But here's the part of the messaging failure: they aren't voting to keep the Federal government open by themselves.  It's bipartisan.

Peep the examples:

HJ Resolution 70 - Making continuing appropriations for National Park Service operations, the Smithsonian Institution, the National Gallery of Art, and the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum for fiscal year 2014, and for other purposes.

R Ayes: 223
D Ayes: 23

HJ Resolution 71 - District of Columbia Continuing Appropriations Resolution

Passed by voice vote.

HJ Resolution 72 - Veterans Benefits Continuing Appropriations Resolution

R Ayes: 224
D Ayes: 35

HJ Resolution 73 - Making continuing appropriations for the National Institutes of Health for fiscal year 2014, and for other purposes

R Ayes: 229
D Ayes: 25

Every non-MSM outlet should be putting the word "bipartisan" next to CR when reporting.  But they aren't.  And that's why the blame game is still hitting the right hard.

OTHER OBSERVATIONS: So it comes to this: the vote on the ACA was written, acclaimed, and passed in partisan fashion.  The opposition vote was bipartisan.

The vote to keep government open is bipartisan.  The decision to close the government falls directly on the Democrats in the Senate, and that petulant boy-king President.

BONUS DOUBLE STANDARD OF THE WEEK: Could you imagine if there were a government shut down, and the R's refused to even have a vote on funding the US Holocaust Memorial Museum, the NIH where cancer stricken kids need funding to stay alive, etc.?

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Done With Twitter (update)

The title says it all.  I'm just spending way too much time there and need to unplug for a bit

update: AND WE'RE BACK o twitter I am so sorry I left your sweet embrace