Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Unintended Consequences

The sequester provided a great blue print on how our betters in the White House will act during this shutdown.  Namely, do the whole "doom and gloom" spiel before implementation, play the blame game, etc.  Then, when enacted see how things go.  If it polls unfavorably for the regime, start making the pain felt by all.

Childish, yes, but really would we expect anything else?

Enter the shutslowdown.  Same thing, but this time the elites have really ratcheted up the name calling and spitefulness.  Besides calling their political opposition anarchists, terrorists, Team O decided to mess with the veterans.  Not a good move.  Veterans used to be spit targets on the left; now they are roundly cherished by a great majority (except when counting absentee ballots).

Now here's a neat little plot twist: the sequester was just a reduction in funds.  Sure, the Royal Couple caught some flack for living their 1% lifestyle,and wasted millions of taxpayers' money so the could travel to fundraiser after fundraiser.  The Prez still golfed, gave speeches at 30k/plate dinners, and got his boots licked in proper fashion.

But now the government is supposedly shut down.  

This entire regime lives on appearances.  It's how they got elected.  So please cry me a river, Michelle, that you can't get out of the house for your lavish west coast tour.  She once said that living in the White House was like prison.  I pity her secret service detail if they run out of Thorozine.

Personally, I just imagine the Prez on these beautiful fall days clutching his pitching wedge, staring out the window, wondering how long it will be 'till those meanies let him go outside and play.  And be loved again.

Ending thought: the President took a massive beating over Syria.  He was humiliated.  Narcissists have poor reactions to humiliations.  Like taking their anger out on veterans.

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