Wednesday, December 18, 2013


God willing, this will be my last post from the state of Maryland.  The moving process becomes intense over the next three days so my presence on Twitter will even be minimal.

Living in Maryland was interesting.  The good was residing in the Canton portion of Baltimore.  Unlike NoVa/DC, Baltimore has a real city feel to it.  The food is awesome.  The community was primarily 20-40 year old professionals.  Many dog owners.  If I were single, I would chose to live in Canton over NoVa/DC any day of the week.

I didn't even mind the dog-sized rats.  I even bought one:

Moving to Bel Air was alright.  But there's nothing here.  Instead of walking around the neighborhoods of Canton, going for a run along the water, etc., I watch TV.  I don't even read any more.

The bad: Maryland politics, taxes, and booze laws are archaic.  Worse, the schools in most of the state are just plain awful.  We have a newborn, and probably will not be able to afford private school here.

And so it's back to NoVa.  We bought our first house in Ashburn.  Hopefully, when we settle my wife and I can get some normalcy back.  Or at least start being social again.

Anyhoo, posting will still be sporadic until the new year.  Until then, have a merry Christmas and stay safe.

Go Eagles.

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