Friday, February 7, 2014

Unemployment is Freedom

So according to its supporters, the ACA will give people more choice.  As in choice not to work.  Again, I can't believe people are actually using "choice" as a defense.  Especially since the ACA has a big fat mandate attached to it.

So now unemployment is freedom. Orwell shakes his head.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but hasn't the choice to work always been present?  You can choose not to work.  You can choose to go on welfare.  However, the grim meat-hook reality of this decision is a choice to live in poverty.

At some time, the left is going to have to wake up to their "feel good" politics.  Life is hard.  Nothing that's worth it ever comes easy.

The Simpson's taught us what happens when everyone lives carefree.  Season 5, "Bart's Inner Child".  Summary:

" After seeing how out of control Bart is, the family goes to see Brad Goodman's live lecture in the hopes that it will change him. Bart interrupts the lecture, but Brad Goodman encourages the town to follow Bart's spontaneous attitude. Soon, the whole town starts acting like Bart, who at first enjoys things, but eventually becomes depressed by it. Lisa explains that it's because he's lost his unique identity as a rebel with everyone else in town acting like him.
To celebrate their new-found attitude, the town holds a "Do What You Feel" festival. However, the festival soon goes awry because those responsible for building the stages and maintaining the rides "didn’t feel like" doing a thorough job, resulting in a runaway Ferris wheel and more. Arguments begin, as everybody has been encouraged to always say exactly what's on their mind, and a riot soon breaks out. Bart's quickly blamed for the starting the whole "do as you feel" trend (even with Reverend Lovejoy pointing out that Brad Goodman was the one who encouraged them to act like Bart in the first place). "

Something else occurred to me about the left's reaction to the CBO: with 2.5 million less liberated from the work force, who will make up the tax shortfall?  Taxes will be raised, further providing disincentive to work.  The endgame here is a welfare state.  A half a billion infants screaming to be fed, clothed, and housed.